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Neshaminy School District Student Success Program

Serving Neshaminy School District and families who live and work in the surrounding area



Enhancing Your Child's School Day

Online or hybrid school schedule this fall? We've got you covered.

Neshaminy School District

The current reopening plan for Neshaminy School District is available on their website, found <HERE>.

About our program

YMCA of Bucks County provides flexible 2, 3, and 5-day child care options to meet your schedule and support your child’s academic requirements in a safe, fun environment! Our qualified staff will support children in completing their online learning. Plus, your child’s day will include physical activity, sports and games, STEAM projects, critical thinking challenges, swimming and plenty of socialization and fun!

The program will follow our safety protocols as approved by the Bucks County Department of Health including daily health and temperature checks, social distancing, frequent hand washing, and mask-wearing for staff and children while indoors and when social distancing is not possible outdoors.

For questions regarding the program contact:
Ryan Hazelett
Advanced Director of Youth Development

Program Location:

Fairless Hills branch
601 S. Oxford Valley Road
Fairless Hills, PA

Monthly Rates for Student Success Program
Grades K-5

2 days/wk
3 days/wk
5 days/wk
3 half days/wk
8AM-12PM or
5 half days/wk
8AM-12PM or
Non-Member $520$720$1000$396$550
Extended Care AM/PM $52$72$100NANA

Extended Care times:
Morning: 7-8AM
Afternoon: 4-6PM

Child already enrolled?

Visit our helpful Family Handbook, linked here:

SSP Welcome Packet Parent & Child

Registration open!

* Families must register by Thursday, 10AM prior to the week of care. Registrations completed after Thursday will be registered for the following week. (for example: registration completed on Friday, 9/4 will be enrolled starting the week of 9/14, not 9/8).

To Register:

Contact Sam Pickering

helpful links:

link imageChild Care Works (CCW) subsidy through the Early Learning Resource Center (ELRC) accepted.


Fairless Hills 

Ryan  Hazelett
Advanced Director of Youth Development - Lower Bucks Region

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child attend even if they do not attend public school?

YES! The program is open to the community and extends to those who may attend private or parochial school or with parents who work in the area.

When does the Student Success Program begin?

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

When must I register by?

Families must register by Thursday, 10AM prior to the week of care. Registrations completed after Thursday will be registered for the following week. (for example: registration completed on Friday, 9/4 will be enrolled starting the week of 9/14, not 9/8).

I left a voicemail and/or email regarding this program, when will I hear back from a Y staff member?

Our commitment to families is a return response within 24 hours. We appreciate your patience as our staff are engaged in summer camp care during the day and returning all calls that evening, if not the following day in alignment with our 24 hour response time.  

Do I have to be considered “essential” to enroll my child in the Student Success Program?

The Student Success Program is is open to everyone and is dedicated to working families and/or families who need care during the day now that the majority of school districts have adopted virtual or hybrid learning models.  

Why am I being asked if I would like to become a YMCA of Bucks County member?

Membership has its privileges, including member pricing on programs such as Student Success. Plus, youth members receive not only member pricing on programs such as swim lessons, outdoor leagues, etc. (launching this fall) but also access to open swim and gym (reservations for swim required). Click here to learn more about membership. 

Can I apply ELRC or Financial Assistance?

ELRC can be applied to our ELRC approved sites of Fairless Hills Branch and Quakertown Branch. Yes, Financial Assistance can be applied. For more information regarding Financial Assistance, please click here. 

Does my child have to wear a mask while enrolled in the Student Success Program?

Yes, all students and staff are required to wear masks while inside our buildings. While outside, masks are required when social distancing is not possible. Masks are not required on our pool decks and while swimming.

What are the locations for the Student Success Program?

Please visit our Student Success Page on our website for more information; details are specific to each school district. 

When will you know your locations for Council Rock School District?

We intend to announce this information the week of August 17, 2020. 

How big are the student groups? Is it like Before and After School Age Child Care where all students were in one large room such as the cafeteria and/or gymnasium? 

Students will be broken into “family groups” of 10-12, pending space size. These “family groups” will remain together in their virtual learning and activities. The objective is to decrease commingling as much as possible. It also promotes engagement and better bonding between students by remaining in the same “family group” throughout the time of the program. 

What are your ratios?

Each “family group” of 10-12 students will have one School Age Child Care Lead and Assistant 

Will the Student Success Program schedule mirror the school district days off or will it run continuously?  

Our Student Success calendar of days off will be provided to all registered families prior to the start of the program. Please plan on our mirroring “typical” scheduled days off as per your school district. Our monthly draft fee structure includes all days off. 

Do you have a sample schedule for what you expect a typical day to look like? 

Once we have a clear understanding of our school district schedules, we will be able to launch a detailed, timed schedule. In the meantime, please know the day will include virtual learning, physical activity, arts and crafts, and STEAM activities.

How will the children eat lunch? Will they mix with other groups?

We will continue to operate under our successful camp safety protocols including students eating together in their “family group” of 10-12 students. 

Recognizing you have different ages and attention spans, how are younger students being encouraged to keep on masks? How are mask breaks handled? 

We continue to encourage mask wearing through role modeling by staff, fun games and student affirmations. We also encourage parents to coach their children on the importance of mask wearing while at the Y.  

Will the program try to utilize outside spaces? 

Yes, we will utilize playgrounds and fields as much as we can. 

For virtual learning, are students from the same grades going to be grouped together? What is the expectation of independent learning? Or will a staff member serve as the learning coach to help the students?  

We will do all we can to sort children into “family groups” by teacher, followed by grade. Staff will be there to ensure the children are paying attention, wifi is working, asking if the children need support, etc. 

How will support staff communicate if a child is having difficulties with a certain subject or with leaning in general? 

It is the role of the school district teacher to communicate student progress with the parent. It is the role of the Y to communicate student’s behaviour and/or engagement level; we will continue our practices of communication with parents on an ongoing basis, this can occur live at pickup, phone, or via email from staff; similar to our standard of communication in child care.