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MyZone App Update Available


We are excited to announce the launch of Zone Match within the Myzone app!

Zone Match Classes are now available on-demand in the Myzone App. Zone Match is a color driven cardio game where users aim to match their own Myzone Effort Tile with a target color.

The longer the user matches the prescribed color zone, the higher the Zone Match score. Zone Match classes are designed to make cardio fun and challenging all at the same time! Myzone has made an important change to how caloric expenditure is recorded on Myzone workouts.

Myzone workouts will no longer include calories on activity below 50% of users’ Max Heart Rate, the same as Myzone Effort Points (MEPs).

Myzone is committed to providing the most accurate data during concerted physical activity, and this change is designed to reflect that. Please make sure your Myzone System is connected to the internet in order to allow for important updates to occur.