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Central Bucks Family YMCA gathers Doylestown organizations for emergency planning


securityRCentral Bucks Family YMCA brought together several key Central Bucks institutions last week to exchange ideas to help ensure the safety of members of the community in the event of an emergency.

Representatives from Central Bucks Family YMCA, Doylestown Health, Central Bucks School District, Central Bucks Regional Police, Doylestown Township Police, Delaware Valley University, Central Bucks Emergency Medical Services and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security met on Friday, April 27 at the Central Bucks Family YMCA Doylestown branch.

“Following a mass emergency earlier this year in Florida, we asked ourselves a big question: How can we build an even safer Y and how do our plans impact our neighbors? While we have procedures in place, we know there’s always opportunity for improvement,” said Central and Lower Bucks Family YMCAs' Chief Operating Officer Tricia Feinthel.

Each organization shared its Emergency Action Plan and procedures with input from police and Homeland Security. The Department of Homeland Security representatives stressed the importance of community organizations collaborating to share knowledge and emergency plans. Other topics discussed included:

  • Training and education
  • Emergency communication
  • Outside threat procedures
  • Evacuation and safe points of gathering
  • Opportunities to help each other

“In the unfortunate event that there is an emergency on one of our campus’, we all need to be as prepared as possible. We are stronger when we work together so we appreciate the willingness of our neighbors to come together to share ideas and plans. We received invaluable advice and information from Homeland Security and local law enforcement, and we greatly appreciate their time and support,” said Feinthel.

The group plans to meet again in the fall and will continue to meet on an ongoing basis.

(Photo: Tricia Feinthel, Chief Operating Officer, Central & Lower Bucks Family YMCAs; Nicole Bandura, Regional Director of Risk Management, Central & Lower Bucks Family YMCAs; Debbie Tettemer, Executive Assistant to CEO Zane Moore, Central & Lower Bucks Family YMCAs; David Bolton, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education, Central Bucks School District; Robert Kleimenhagen, Jr., CFM, SFP, Director of Facilities & Energy Management Operations, Central Bucks School District; Karl Knott, Chief of Police Central Bucks Regional Police; Dean Logan, Chief of Police Doylestown Township; Cynthia Transue, Director of Public Safety Delaware Valley University; Charles Pressler, Chief Executive Officer, Central Bucks Emergency Medical Services; Scott Henley, Central Bucks Emergency Medical Services; John Guest, Chief  Protective Security Advisor for Region III, U.S. Department of Homeland Security; Richard Turzanski, Protective Security Advisor, Philadelphia District, U.S. Department of Homeland Security; Dave McKinney, Senior Chemical Security Inspector, Field Operations Region III, U.S. Department of Homeland Security; Stephen White, Director of Security, Doylestown Health)