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New Cardio Equipment to be installed at four branches


We are excited to start the spring season with new cardio equipment at four of our YMCA of Bucks County branches - Fairless Hills, Doylestown, Quakertown and Newtown.

Brief equipment closures will be necessary while new equipment is installed. Signs will be posted.


Doylestown - March 18

Cybex Treadmills (4)Upright Expresso Bike (2)

Recumbent Expresso Bike (2)

Fairless Hills - March 28

Upright Expresso Bike (2)
Recumbent Expresso Bike (1)
Recumbent Bike (3)

Quakertown- March 15-18

Treadmills (11)
Total Body Arc Trainers (2)
Recumbent Bikes (3)
Upright Bike (1)
Octane Max Trainer (1)
Pro Spin Bikes (2)
Octane Lateral X (2)
Octane 3700 Elliptical (2)
Octane Seated Elliptical (1)
True 900 Strider Elliptical (1)
StairMaster Gauntlet StepMill (1)

Quakertown- May - TBD

Treadmills (7)
ARC Trainer (1)
Seated Ellipticals (2)
Recumbent Bike (1)
Schwinn Spin Bikes (8)
Stepmill (1)


As part of their  complete renovation with a grand opening on March 29. See full story HERE.

Strength Cardio Leg press
Seated leg curl
Leg extension       
Hip abductor/abductor
Arm extension
Chest press
Shoulder press
Seated pulldown
Seated row            
Seated bicep curl   
Torso rotation         
Dual Ab/Back         
Chin Dip/Leg Raise
Treadmill (6)
Total Body ARC (2)
Recumbent Bike (2)
Expresso Upright
Expresso Recumbent
Upper Body Exerciser
Seated Elliptical (2)
Inclining Elliptical (2)
Adjustable Stride Elliptical