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Andrea talks Summer Shred, transforming you for summer


Summer Shred is a new program offered association-wide, at all branches from April 29-June 23. Recently, Andrea Brown, director of healthy living at our Fairless Hills branch sat down to write a comprehensive description of this new program aimed at supporting our members and the community in their health and wellness goals for summer.

abrownRSummer Shred by Andrea Brown

Summer Shred is based on four components:  Exercise, Nutrition, Support, and Accountability. This program is not a "quick fix" but rather about making attainable and manageable lifestyle changes that will carry on even after the 8-weeks is over!
Schedules for group exercise programs vary at each branch. The program is primarily strength focused for the purpose of gaining lean muscle and firing up the metabolism, but we do recommend breaking up the strength days with cardio, flexibility and finishing off the week with active recovery to allow the body to fully reap the most results possible.
We will also provide for you an at-home workout you can do on your own whenever you can't make it into the gym. This is especially helpful if you go away or if your schedule just doesn't allow for you to make it in easily.  

You will have a personal health coach who will check in with you once a week, checking on your food diary and exercise through My Fitness Pal (and your MyZone belt if you choose to purchase that separately for $75). You do not need to purchase this belt or use this to be successful in the program, it is merely an additional accountability tool and helpful to see your actual caloric expenditure and heart rate zones you are working in.  Just tracking what you are eating and your activity level is proven to drastically help in making better choices, and knowing that someone will be checking and helping to hold you accountable makes it even better!

The weekly support meetings will mainly be driven by the need of the group, but based off of the concept that the most successful people are in community with like-minded people to work towards a common goal together by supporting one another.  The program will also include an educational component with tips and tricks, and if time allows, we will do a mini workout together.  
We also provide a closed Facebook page for participants of this program to share ideas, set up times to meet up and workout and connect about successes.

The other component of this program is nutrition. Trainers will be providing a lot of nutrition support based on proven scientific research. This is not a fad diet but rather based on real people eating real food. No starvation necessary. In fact, it is the opposite of that!  The programs is about making better choices to best fuel your body properly so that you can get the best results. We are not registered dietitians prescribing a set diet for everyone but we are personal trainers and health coaches trained in offering sound nutritional advice and guidance and assistance in making the best choices. We also provide all kinds of helpful tips and tricks as well as menu planning assistance and tons of recipe suggestions.
The program starts on Monday, April 29 and runs through Sunday, June 23.  Prior to the start of the program we will be setting up a time to meet with each participant to do a few quick body composition measurements inclusive of girth measurements and percent body fat.  We do not measure weight on the scale because the scale does not take into account what is fat weight vs. lean body mass. We will give you your Summer Shred binder filled with the information outlined above and we will get you started on your journey!  At the conclusion of this 8-week program we will be getting together at Warminster Park, a central location for all of our YMCA of Bucks County branches, for a picnic and celebration.  Friends, family, and anyone else who was a part of your 8-week journey is invited to be a part of this day!