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Bringing Quakertown onboard!


YMCA of Bucks County is thrilled to announce that beginning Monday, June 3, our Quakertown branch will be incorporated into our online member system. On Wednesday, May 22, the current system utilized by the Quakertown branch (called eFinistri) will no longer be utilized for online registration of programs or new memberships. During the transition time, our member engagement representatives will be completing any program registrations and new memberships in-person at the Welcome Center. Child Care and camp payments will need to be made in-person, at the Welcome Center as well. Once the transition is complete, members will be asked to have a new photo taken and fill out a new, updated membership application.
  • What does this mean for Quakertown members?
  • New, fully online member account
  • Convenient online registration for programs at all branches
  • Easy access to all Bucks County branches with your new scan card

Important Dates:

Wednesday, May 22 - Sunday, June 2
No online registration available
During the transition, the current eFinistri program will no longer be used. Online registration will not be available until June 3, intentionally scheduled for the start of summer program registration. During the transition to the new online system, we ask that you visit our Welcome Center for any registration needs or new memberships. Beginning Wednesday, May 22, Child Care and Camp payments can be made in-person at the Welcome Center.

Monday, June 3
Online registration available via new account created through self-service

Create your new online account via ymcabucks.org website and conveniently register for programs via that account or on program pages. Need help? Read our ‘how-to’ document online HERE.

Monday, June 3–Sunday, June 30
New photo taken and scan card issued

Say cheese! We’ll be updating member accounts with new photos, taken at the Welcome Center during the month of June. At that time, you’ll also be issued your new YMCA of Bucks County scan card, granting you quick and easy access to all membership branches throughout Bucks County.

Monday, June 3–Sunday, June 30 - Application and waiver needed
For the safety of all members, we’ll ask you to complete your membership application at our Welcome Center during the month of June. This process should take 5 minutes but will provide us with the information we need to communicate accurately and keep members safe.  Applications are available at our Welcome Center and are also available online HERE for your convenience.

Need help? 
As always, please contact our Welcome Center if you have any questions. Please note that during this time of transition, we anticipate that call volume and Welcome Center traffic will increase. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this?
As you know, our Quakertown branch joined the YMCA of Bucks County association January 2019. Until now, the branch has not been fully integrated into our website registration and email systems. Beginning Monday, June 3, Quakertown members will have the same access, communication and convenient online registration privileges as all members, county-wide.

Why do you need a new photo?
Most of the important member information transferred from our old registration system to this new system. Unfortunately, photos do not transfer. For the safety of our members and guests, we need to have a photo on file of each member.

Why do I need to fill out a member application again?
When we joined the YMCA of Bucks County association, much of the information on our application became outdated. As a member of this larger association, we need updated information from our members to help aid in communication and safety. The process should take only a few minutes; applications are available at our Welcome Center and are also available online HERE for your convenience.

How do I create my online account?
On Monday, June 3, Quakertown members will be able to create their new, online account. Navigate to the ymcabucks.org website and click on MY ACCOUNT in the upper, right hand corner. Then click on the second box “I want to set up online access for my account.” Having trouble? Click HERE for support details.

Where can I register online for programs?
Visit our website at ymcabucks.org. You can either log directly into your account or browse programs and register right on the program page.