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YMCA Celebrates 175th Founders Day


founders day 1ROn June 6, the YMCA celebrates 175 years of doing good. This global organization, founded by George Williams in London, began with a simple but powerful idea to help people build healthier, happier lives.

Today, the YMCA is one of the world’s largest volunteer organizations known for helping people of every background reach their potential. The Y serves more than 22 million people annually and offers resources at more than 2,700 locations across all 50 states.

founders day 2RFUN FACTS

  • Basketball and volleyball were invented at the Y
  • The YMCA of the Triangle's Y Guides Program is the nation's largest 
  • The world’s first indoor pool was at a Y
  • Group swim lessons started at the Y
  • The United Service Organization (USO) was created with help from the Y
The YMCA has empowered people to be a positive force for social change
since its founding in London in 1844. Today, there is a YMCA presence in 119 countries.Although Ys around the globe respond differently to the unique needs of their communities, all Ys are focused on empowering young people to thrive and reach their full potential.

In celebration of the YMCA’s 175th anniversary, World YMCA –the global resource office for YMCAs in 119 countries –has issued a World Challenge to Ys to mobilize their communities on June 8 for a day of good. In the U.S., we are referring to the event as Volunteer 175.

Volunteering for 175 minutes is not only a generous way to give back to your community (that much volunteer time is valued at approximately $72 according to this study) –but it’s also symbolicof the YMCA’s 175-year legacy of empowering people to make a positive impact in their community. The YMCA started out as a volunteer-led movement, and to this day, the transformational work of the Y is only possible through the efforts of volunteers. In fact, there are more than 500,000 YMCA volunteers in the U.S. alone!

In the Doylestown branch, a celebratory event is being planned to celebrate this momentous day with a member engagement table to encourage volunteerism with light refreshments and more.

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