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Introducing our Universal Locker Room


Our Universal Locker Room is here at our Doylestown branch!

For a safe, comfortable, experience, we ask all members to please follow our Universal Locker Room guidelines: 
  • The Universal Locker Room is designed to support adults accompanying youth and for our members with special needs.
  • For the safety and comfort level of all, we ask individual adults to kindly use the Adult Locker Rooms and families please keep your children within arms reach of assistance at all times.
  • As this is a shared space for adult males and females, nudity is not permitted in common areas of the universal family/special needs locker room. Appropriate coverage (towel, bathing suit or clothing) is required while within the common areas and when walking to and from the shower.

    If at any time you need staff support, please use the phone located in the middle of the locker rooms and dial extension 1122.

  • Avoid using your cell phone while in any YMCA of Bucks County locker room and/or bathroom.

  • Help us keep our brand new locker room clean and refreshed, please do not bring food or drinks into locker rooms.

  • Lockers are available for your use during your visit, and we highly recommend you lock your locker with your own master lock system. Remember, leave your valuables at home. YMCA of Bucks County is not responsible or liable for lost, stolen or damaged belongings.

  • Don’t forget to shower before heading into the pool!

Just a reminder:

Men’s and Women’s Adult Locker Rooms
These locker rooms remain available to age 15+ at all times and teens age 12-14 after 3PM 

Male and Female Youth Locker Rooms
Both of these locker rooms will close on April 24, based on the new availability of our Universal Locker Room.

Thank you for being part of our Y family, we are glad that you are here!