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Sign the RACP Letter

YMCA of Bucks County is asking for member and community support in receiving Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) funding for revitalization projects in the Central and Lower Bucks County community.  RACP is a capital grant program through the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Office of the Budget.

If you have not already signed or sent a letter in recent weeks, please take a moment to provide your name and phone number below as acknowledgement of your support:


To: RACP – PA Office of the Budget

Subject: YMCA of Bucks County Central and Lower Bucks Region Community Revitalization Projects


Dear RACP Administration,


My comments pertain to YMCA of Bucks County’s capital revitalization project, YMCA of Bucks County Central and Lower Bucks Region Community Revitalization Projects, Single Application ID: 201901311160. Both project locations are in Bucks County.


It has come to my attention that YMCA of Bucks County has made a submission requesting $5,000,000 in RACP funding. As a local citizen, I strongly encourage your full support for this project which will revitalize a valuable community resource and enhance economic relief for our community.


It is my understanding that the project will create between 8--10 new jobs in Bucks County. Other beneficial aspects of the project include:


  • Expanded wellness spaces to provide free programs for veterans, those with cancer/survivors, pre-diabetics, children and youth with food insecurity, those in substance abuse recovery and other populations with special health and socio-economic needs;
  • Improved classroom and common areas to provide constructive activities for children and youth, summer camp, early and school age care and other programs to support low income families; and,
  • A safe place for children and youth, decreased health disparities for vulnerable populations, new locker rooms for those with physical and mental challenges and resources for all.


YMCA of Bucks County has received a $2,000,000 grant from RACP towards this project which is already off to a successful start.


These important Y projects will be a catalyst for revitalizing two important communities in Bucks County as well as serve as an economic benefit to all citizens of the Commonwealth by focusing on the health and strength of all its residents.


Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

By signing below, I acknowledge the sending of the above posted letter on my behalf.