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Our new virtual wellness platform is provided exclusively to our members, providing on-demand group exercise, sports and play programs with your favorite YMCA of Bucks County instructors. The program also includes access to 1000s of on-demand classes from instructors nation-wide including classes in training, mindfulness, nutrition, stress management, and more. Plus, coming in late 2020 we'll offer LIVE classes and workshops with Y Instructors and instructors nationwide!


UPDATED: Once you create your login to the virtual wellness platform, your primary screen will feature the instructors and teachers of YMCA of Bucks County and access to 1000s of classes from other instructors, nationwide.

Beginning Oct 16, each Friday we will update our library with 60+ NEW, on-demand classes conveniently available to you anytime, anywhere you want to participate! 


Already registered? Access the virtual wellness platform. 

If you've already received your email from the Y and have setup your virtual wellness platform account, re-visit your account to browse and take classes <HERE>

New to the virtual wellness platform? Create your login

First time users <CLICK HERE> to create your own virtual wellness platform login. You will only need to this once. (This link is for members of the YMCA of Bucks County association; those creating an account without membership will be removed on a weekly basis.)


Having an issue? Please review some of our most frequently encountered issues and answers below:


Already in our virtual platform but having an issue? Check here:

NEW! My screen is not clear? Connection seems fuzzy?
The virtual wellness platform has a new troubleshooting steps to assist you:burnalong screen shot network
1.  Click the green NETWORK button on the bottom left of your screen to determine if your connection is strong or if there are network issues on your end.
2. If your connection looks good, please email Ashlea Grezlak at agrezlak@ymcabucks.org to report this issue.

NEW! I cannot hear audio for my class using my phone.
Click the new burnalong screen shot audioRESET AUDIO button to re-sync the audio on your device. This should correct the issue but if you continue to have issues please email Ashlea Grezlak at agrezlak@ymcabucks.org to report.

I'm using my phone and my screen in blank?
This could be due to your browser settings. Adjust the settings on your phone to allow Safari (iphone) or your current browser access to camera and microphone.

I can't edit my profile?
This issue is being worked on and is coming soon.

UPDATED: I opted in but I didn't receive a login.
First time users <CLICK HERE> to create your own virtual wellness platform login. You will only need to this once. (This link is for members of the YMCA of Bucks County association; those creating an account without membership will be removed on a weekly basis.)

 If you continue to have difficulty logging in, please contact customercare@burnalong.com

I had a login to the virtual wellness platform before and now it's not working.

Please contact customercare@burnalong.com as they can quickly correct this issue.

Is there an app?

You may find a public BurnAlong app in your app store but your YMCA virtual platform login will not work with this. Our platform provides members-only content and does not utilize the public app. You can login via your browser on your phone and then add that link to your home screen, essentially creating your own app.

Ashlea provides are great video tutorial on this below:


Pin Virtual Platform to home page

How to log in

Chrome browser:
Allow microphone access



Ashlea  Grezlak
Regional Director of Group Exercise

215.348.8132, x1125


How much does the new virtual platform cost? 

Our new virtual platform is INCLUDED with YMCA of Bucks County adult and family membership categories. To create your account, please click here, complete the information, and a Y staff member will email you.

I am having trouble navigating the platform, help!

Please contact customercare@burnalong.com to ask questions about platform navigation. For Y specific questions, like programming suggestions, contact Ashlea Grezlak, our virtual platform staff ambassador with questions.

UPDATED: Can I access live classes from Y instructors and instructors of other organizations?

This functionality will become available in late 2020. Meanwhile, please enjoy YMCA on-demand classes as well as 1000s of on-demand classes from instructors nationwide.

UPDATED: Why are you stopping the ZOOM class experience? 

YMCA of Bucks County recognized both prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic, that adults and families need virtual wellness opportunities to support their busy, active lifestyle. Our investment in this new, professional, high quality virtual platform demonstrates our commitment to YOU, our members, who need immediate access to wellness, based on YOUR personal schedule. Through our partnership a virtual wellness online platform, members have on-demand access (with live access coming soon!) to YMCA of Bucks County instructors and instructors from across the globe. Plus, way above and beyond ZOOM, members can set personal health goals, schedule classes, and most of all - access 1000s of class opportunities from 45 different wellness categories!

UPDATED: Why does it not look like the ZOOM format?

In respect to members' privacy, the Zoom standard of being able to see everyone participating in the class is not part of our new virtual platform. In late 2020, you will be able to invite up to 30 friends/family members also enrolled in the virtual platform to join you for an on-demand class that you schedule.

I do not see my favorite instructor on the virtual platform, how come?

YMCA of Bucks County welcomed all group exercise instructors to audition for the virtual platform. Some instructors, for personal reasons, selected to not audition and/or participate in this new virtual journey. All of our instructors are highly qualified, caring and motivating professionals and we are so grateful for their presence at our Y. If you do not see your favorite instructor on the virtual platform, please contact Ashlea Grezlak, and she will be more than happy to recommend instructors to fit your needs. 

Please note: YMCA of Bucks County instructors are private to YMCA of Bucks County members. So even though you can participate with instructors from across the globe, you cannot access YMCA of Bucks County instructors without a YMCA of Bucks County membership.

UPDATED: How often will the class library be updated? 

The YMCA on-demand library will be updated with 60+ classes each Friday. You can take classes with YMCA of Bucks County instructors and instructors from across the globe whenever you access the platform.

Can I see the virtual platform on my television?

There are a few ways to connect to your TV from a mobile device. You can use a wired connection (more information here). Or depending on your device, you can also stream classes directly to a smart TV.

Apple iOS devices can cast to Chromecast enabled devices and have the ability to use Apple’s native Screen Mirror feature.

Android app versions higher than 4.3.6 are able to cast to the following devices:

  • Roku
  • Fire TV Stick
  • Chromecast

Due to the variety of devices and operating systems we recommend consulting the help documents or website associated with your specific mobile device and/or smart TV.

I live in another state and have been enjoying your free classes since March. How can I get access to your instructors? 

By joining as a member of YMCA of Bucks County, you gain access to our new, virtual platform. Please click here to join us today.

Will I still have access to the free, live videos currently found on your website? 

We will retain a small number of recorded classes on our website, but all new and/or updated classes will be found exclusively on our new, virtual platform. 

What if my teen with a teen membership wants to participate in the new virtual platform?  

Youth and teens can have access to our virtual platform through a family membership. Please contact your branch if you wish to upgrade your membership!

I have a Silver Sneakers membership and love your online classes. Can I access your new virtual platform?  

Please call your branch so that we can speak with you regarding your virtual program options. In the meantime, we welcome our Silver Sneakers members to participate in classes offered at our branches.

Can 7th grade initiative members access the virtual platform? 

The virtual platform is only accessible to members with a full, family membership or adult memberships. Please visit the Welcome Center or call us to upgrade your child’s 7th grade membership and receive a reduction in the membership fee based on their free membership.

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