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September 6, 2021

YMCA of Bucks and Hunterdon Counties provides school year and summer content with a  convenient, monthly draft payment design for our traditional, “session based” programming such as youth and adult sports classes, swim classes, arts, and enrichment programs.

With the monthly draft design, families will register for a swim, sports, and dance classes just one time; and we will continue to draft you monthly until you provide notice to stop. Super convenient and helpful in establishing routine schedules for your family!

School Year: 2021-2022: September 10, 2021, ends June 12

Summer Programming: June 12-August 28
Summer Programming registration begins: May 25 Members & May 31 Non-members

School Year 2022-2023: September 10-mid June
School Year 2022 registration begins: Aug 17, Members & Aug 22 Non-members


Frequently Asked Questions

Are all programs drafted monthly?
Beginning Friday, September 10, 2021 - the majority of YBC programs will run on an ongoing monthly draft basis from a “school year feel” of September through May. Then a summer opportunity will be offered June through August. Therefore, when you register, you will be enrolled in all months 9/1 thru June 12 (prorated half month); with an ability to stop when a request is made prior to the next monthly draft.

Please note: This does not apply to seasonal programs; i.e. leagues, private lessons, etc. You will see on the program guide what is listed as “member monthly draft” vs. “member flat fee.”

What if the Y closed on my child’s regularly scheduled class day?
All holiday closures have been taken into consideration when designing the standard monthly draft fee; therefore the building closure has no effect on the draft payment.

For the 2021/2022 school year, there will be no classes on the following days:

  • Thanksgiving Eve (Nov 24)
  • Thanksgiving (Nov 25)
  • Friday after Thanksgiving (Nov 26)
  • Winter Break (December 24-January 2) Includes Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day
  • Good Friday (Apr 15)
  • Easter (Apr 17)
  • Memorial Day (May 30) 
  • Independence Day (Jul 4)
  • Labor Day (Sep 5)

    What if my child is not feeling well and/or cannot attend the program?

    As space is limited, makeup sessions will only be provided with a doctor’s note.

    What if the Y closes due to inclement weather or power outage, etc?

    YMCA of Bucks County is not responsible for weather and/or power related cancellations when the buildings are closed. Credits/refunds will not be provided. However, when inclement weather closures are frequent (EX: In the event of a snowy winter), YMCA of Bucks County staff will propose makeup sessions to offset program time loss. In the example of COVID-19; YMCA of Bucks County will pause all future drafts.

    Will my child stay in that class day and time for the entire year?

    Yes, for your convenience, there will no longer be the experience of needing to register for the “next session,” instead, your child will continue in the same time slot (class day and time) for the entire length of the school year. A new summer session will be available for registration in mid-May.

    Regarding swim class, how will my child progress through the swim levels?

    Participants in programs with levels and advancement needs (Gymnastics, Swim Lessons, etc) will be adjusted as needed by directors to accommodate those moves. To best communicate your child’s progress, progress reports will be distributed periodically.

    What if my child will age-out of the class mid-year?

    Our highly qualified and caring staff will collaborate and communicate with you regarding the “moving up” of a level based on his/her skills, age, etc. for the following month.  Every effort will be made to keep your child enrolled in the same day/time of their program. However, please be aware that some changes may require a change of time and/or day your child attends.

    How can I change the class day and time?

    If a participant decides to change programs or cancel, they will be able to request the change for the following month. In order to request the change or cancellation call or stop by our Welcome Center.

    I didn’t enroll in a previous session, how can I join later in the year?

    Programming opens up every two months, please see the dates below. The most up-to-date information can always be found on our website.

    Enrollment begins on: Begin participating in classes on:

    Members - Wednesday, 10/20/2021

    Monday, 11/1/2021

    Non-members - Monday, 10/25/2021
    Monday, 11/1/2021

    Members - Wednesday, 12/15/2021

    Monday, 1/3/2022

    Non-members - Monday, 12/20/2021

    Monday, 1/3/2022

    Members - Wednesday, 2/23/2022

    Monday, 3/7/2022

    Non-members - Monday, 2/28/2022

    Monday, 3/7/2022

    Members - Wednesday, 4/20/2022

    Monday, 5/2/2022

    Non-members - Monday, 4/25/2022

    Monday, 5/2/2022