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Y wellness 24/7 logo on green
November 30, 2021

Y Wellness 24/7, on the Burnalong platform, has exciting updates and releases coming soon that will benefit all YWellness members. The upgrades are anticipated to begin this week:

  • Inspiring action
  • Creating personalized possibilities

Y Wellness 24/7 will start with a fresh look and feel for the brand and platform during the week of December 1; this will be followed up by a steady stream of updates to improve personalization, increase social motivation, and facilitate healthy change. Our goal with these updates is to provide the programming, tools, and communities so members can thrive.

The updates to the look, feel, and logo are a result of a number of months of research and working with experts to shift the experiences and platform to be:

  • Less fitness-focused with super bright orange
  • More holistic and healthy
  • Evoke more of a lifestyle than a workout platform

Here are some details on the more immediate changes and the benefits to Y Wellness 24/7 users:

Inspire Action

Improved member experience with a fresh look and simplified navigation:

  • Intuitive design to make it easier to find classes, connect with others, and track progress in the platform
  • Clean and friendly layout with energetic colors and refreshed visual cues to elevate the member experience
  • Simple and clean aesthetics to reduce clutter, elevate the most important features to support employee wellness goals with clear next steps
  • Easier to find classes, programs, and communities with supercharged, intelligent search
  • More personalized experience with revamped member onboarding to create customized experiences and support

Create Personalized Possibilities

Make the wellness journey personal

  • Updates to algorithms and tagging will help members find the most relevant content to them based on past history and expressed goals
  • Improved ease of finding classes, programs, and communities in the platform
  • Faster platform to optimize member’s time and keep them engaged longer with reliable and quick-loading experiences
  • Friendly tone, updated language to feel more “human,” supportive, and welcoming

Additional updates in the coming months will include:

  • More social and interactive communities
  • Revamped and centralized profiles
  • Exciting new scoring and metrics for challenges
  • Added ability to search and receive more customized recommendations of programs
  • New options to explore with guided suggestions