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Focus on you. We're here for You.

Our facilities are closed but we are still here for you! For many, this can be a time of increased anxiety and stress so our staff are working to provide you with resources to keep you healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Yoga and mindfulness with your favorite Y instructors
Our staff will continue to add videos for you to view at home to keep you mindful and balanced during this difficult time.

Inspirational thoughts
We'll provide inspirational thoughts to help you stay focused on the positive and what really matters. New quotes will be added regularly!

Staff recommendations
There are so many great resources out there. We're sharing a few of our favorite techniques and tips to help you stay centered and focused on you and your family.


We Recommend...


The Danaher Lynch Family Foundation has gone non-contact. Enjoy content on their YouTube channel collected from their DLFF Scholars with the hope that it will help bring a smile to the face of all who see and share. 

Student art

In response to the state-wide stay-at-home order, the DLFF Community Service program has gone digital for the remainder of the school year. DLFF Scholars were asked to submit artwork that we hope will bring some positivity and comfort to our community. On behalf of The Danaher Lynch Family Foundation, we wish you good health, uplifted spirits, and peace.

Please enjoy the drawings below. We strongly encourage you to print your favorites!


Top Pick from our Chief Operations Officer:


In a climate of social distancing, a sense of togetherness still exist.  In this new, uncharted territory, I read something really impactful: 

“There are so many gifts in this, right now.”

Consider the gift of cultivating presence right now with yourself this week through these 3 tips and practices.

Recognize your emotions: Each of us reacts to and processes stressors differently. If you find yourself in your head a lot more lately, as most of us do, try to recognize what you’re feeling underneath the internal chatter. You can take 5 minutes to listen to the attached mini-mindfulness practice and be with all your emotions, however uncertain life might feel.

Come back to your core: As the past week has shown us, very few things are constant in this world. Spending time in nature can help us to rebalance, and give us a break from needing to think or do. Listen to the outdoors calling to you, and google a 3 minute nature meditation practice…listen — even if it’s just from your front porch or open window.

Give your body a break: If we’re in fight-or-flight mode (brain), even if we’re not aware of it, we can hold a lot of tension in our bodies. By focusing on the sensations in our bodies, we are pulled out of our heads and back to the present. Take a moment to pause get in tune with your physical self…just for a moment…notice. 

Connie Meizinger
Five minute, mini-mindfulness practice
Attention to Breathing