Back to You Substance Recovery

Back to You welcomes members and nonmembers who are in the “maintenance stage” of recovery. This program requires a referral from a healthcare provider (therapist, doctor, etc). Participants and their support system (family, friend, sponsor, etc.) both receive a complimentary 12-week YMCA membership during the program, as well as an additional 12 weeks of membership upon successful completion of the program. Stay & Play is provided for children as per the current facility schedule

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Pathway Experience 2021

In our efforts to provide a platform of togetherness and safety, and by the graciousness of our donors, your 2021 pathway experience will consist of five, important modules:

  1. A complimentary, 12-week membership for you and your family
  2. Access to our virtual wellness platform, Y Wellness 24/7
  3. Weekly connections and conversations via ZOOM with your pathway family. To learn how to ZOOM, click here
  4. Pre/Post survey and InBody scan
  5. Weekly Togetherness Times will be established by the pathway family by week two. Togetherness Times are established days/times during the week that the majority of pathway participants plan on accessing a YMCA of Bucks County branch. YMCA of Bucks County will have qualified staff standing by during Togetherness Times for support and connection.  Meetings are fitness and well-being focused and include stress management, Yoga, Aqua Fitness and Nutrition.

Note: In valuing the graciousness of our donors, successful enrollment in a pathway program relies on consistent attendance and participation. Pathway participants with 3 or more class absences without communication to the instructor will be disenrolled so we may provide an opportunity to another. Kindly consider this prior to joining us.