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Seventh Grade Memberships

YMCA of Bucks County offers free memberships for all 7th graders in our community!

Welcome 7th graders!

YMCA of Bucks County is a cause-driven organization for Youth Development fulfilling its mission with the Seventh Grade Initiative. The Y offers free membership to all students in the seventh grade. The goal of the initiative is to encourage youth to make healthy choices and avoid risky behaviors to succeed in school and life.

In order to participate, students will need to show a student ID/report card or class roster along with a parental/guardian signature.

Those who participate will receive access to the pools, the fitness center with a mandatory orientation, the gym, the ability to participate in group exercise classes and sports classes, teen programs, volunteering opportunities and much more!

2021 School Year
Registration & membership begins: 9/1/20
Membership expires: 8/31/21

Must join by: 5/31/21

  • Aug 7, 2018, 10:13 AM

    Current 8th Graders:

    8th graders who were 7th grade members during the 2019-2020 school year will have the ability to complete their membership during the 2020-2021 school year with no need to re-submit their documentation. Contact your Welcome Center for details.

    Those who wish to join as 8th graders should submit paperwork with proof of age/grade level and register with a parent.

    Membership will end August 31

Membership Benefits
7th Grade Membership offers the following
membership privileges:

  • Teen strength & fitness orientation
  • Use of fitness center*
  • Use of pool
  • Use of gymnasium
  • Sports and exercise classes
  • reduced program costs
  • Teen classes

* Must complete Teen Strength & Fitness Orientation video and packet to use the Fitness Center.
Must be accompanied by an adult (for 2020-21 school year)



Kyle  Creighton
Youth Sports & Membership Specialist



Andrew Yannarella
Associate Executive - Central Region

215.348.8132, x1176

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