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Our child care programs will follow recommendations of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Bucks County Health Department, OCDEL (Office of Child Development and Early Learning), DHS (Department of Human Services), ACA (American Camp Association) and state and local health guidelines. We have modified previously scheduled programs to ensure safety while providing children with an outstanding experience. Adjustments include the addition of many safety protocols for staff and children.

This page is intended to provide parents and children with a high level overview of changes in policies and procedures while also providing reassurance that safety, this year more than ever, is our top priority. Please click <HERE> to read our detailed, reopening playbook for camp and child care; this playbook has been reviewed by the Bucks County Health Department. Parents will receive this playbook via email prior to start and will be required to electronically sign prior to the first day of care.

The following policies are in place as of November 11, 2020. As policies are updated or lessened based on CDC Guidelines, families will be notified and this page will be updated. Please note information is subject to change based on local and state protocols.


A Note to parents and guardians:

We kindly ask all parents/guardians to take your’s and your child’s temperature every morning prior to coming into care and please remain home if your child has a fever or is feeling unwell (cough, aches, sore throat, stomachache, etc.); do not send your child into care if he or she has a fever. Families will receive a daily temperature and health check at drop-off, led by Y staff.

Again, if your child is unwell, please remain home. Do not provide your child with fever reducing medication prior to entering into care so as to pass the daily temperature and health check; as this places our program and community at risk, families who complete this practice will be released from the program immediately. If your child is exposed to someone who has tested positive or is a suspected case of COVID-19 (that could be a family member, friend, neighbor, etc.) do not send your child into care. ** Thank you for notifying your YMCA of Bucks County branch/program immediately to inform us so that we may best protect others and our greater community.

● Parents/Guardians: Please be prepared to remain home for 14-days (and symptom free for a minimum of 3-days) from the last point of contact with the individual who tested positive for COVID-19. Refunds/credits will be provided.

Also to note :
If your child has obvious symptoms of COVID-19, do not bring your child into care.

If your child has a confirmed case of COVID-19, do not bring your child into care.

Per Bucks County Department of Health: Once a Bucks County resident has tested positive, they are interviewed by someone from this department. An isolation letter is sent via email, stating that they are hereby ordered into isolation, and must remain in their home until released by the Department. The family members are to remain quarantined on the property until released by this Department. An isolation and quarantine release letter is sent via email by this Department when it is determined that the isolation or quarantine is completed.

YMCA of Bucks County may not allow any person who was in isolation or quarantine to enter camp, child care, or the pool unless they provide the isolation or quarantine release letter from Bucks County Department of Health. Credits and/or refunds will be granted for days missed due to COVID-19.

hand washing

Hand Washing, Masks & Wellness Checks

Participant PPE Requirements & Daily Temperature & Health Checks:

  • All children and parents/guardians are required to complete a daily temperature and health check. This will occur during our curbside drop-off procedures.
  • Per the CDC, “Cover your mouth and nose with a cloth face covering when you have to go out in public. Cloth face coverings should NOT be put on babies and children under age two because of the danger of suffocation.Teach and reinforce the use of cloth face coverings. Face coverings may be challenging for children (especially younger children) to wear in all-day settings such as child care. Face coverings should be worn by staff and children (particularly older children) as feasible, and are most essential in times when physical distancing is difficult.” Per Bucks County Health Department, children are not required to be in masks.
    • All families are required to pack a mask for their child
    • YMCA of Bucks County staff will design activities that promote social distancing, but when this is difficult, Y staff will ask children to apply their masks.
    • YMCA of Bucks County will have additional masks on hand if/when needed.
    • YMCA of Bucks County respects all families and their individual health choices during Covid-19. We will support all families who want their child to wear a mask throughout the day and Y staff will support the child in the practice of wearing the mask.
    • Our programs and curriculum will continue to be based upon YMCA core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Kindness and inclusion will also be a significant theme in our return to care.
  • YMCA of Bucks County will ensure frequent hand washing with warm soap and water for 20 seconds and address during the following times: During sign in/out, before/after an activity, before/after meal/snack, before/after outside time and after using the bathroom.  
    • If soap and warm water are not available, staff will assist a child in applying an alcohol based hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer will not be left in reach of children.
    • Staff supervision will be provided to children to ensure they are practicing effective handwashing.
    • Staff will remind children to avoid touching their eyes or face throughout the day.
hand washing


  • The Y will implement sanitation procedures throughout the day, disinfecting high volume surfaces such as doorknobs, tables and bathrooms regularly.
  • All toys, manipulative and craft supplies will be wiped down immediately after use.
  • Toys or materials that are difficult to clean, such as stuffed animals, will be removed from the program.
  • Clutter and excessive materials will be removed.
  • A professional cleaning company will clean and sanitize all spaces at the end of each day.

Packed Lunch Requirements

  • All lunches should be packed in disposable wrap and in disposable bags.
  • Lunches requiring a cooler setting may be placed in a hard, washable cooler with an ice pack to keep cool.
  • Lunches should be packed with disposable utensils
  • Cloth cooler bags are not recommended.

Personal Item Requirements

  • No toys or stuffed animals permitted.
  • All personal items should be taken home daily and washed after each day.
  • Nap blankets must be taken home every Friday and washed.


New Drop Off and Pickup Procedures

  • Drop off and pickup of children will take place curbside
  • Follow cones/arrows to drop off and pickup location and remain in vehicle.
  • If a parent/guardian will be arriving outside of the designated hours, they will need to contact the site via phone and wait at curbside for a staff member to complete the required health assessment.
  • <Click Here> to read a detailed summary of drop off and pickup guidelines; furthermore, families will be provided greater detail and potentially specific times prior to start of school.

"No Touch" Child Care

  • Several sports and specialty programs have been modified, added or cancelled to ensure that they can be run safely and ‘touch free.’
  • All field trips have been cancelled for 2020
  • Hugging, hand holding, high-fives, and alike are also not permitted until further notice


  • Limit students on school buses and vans to two students to a seat with the understanding that all individuals must wear face coverings while on the bus. Additional masks will be available for any student who forgets to bring one with them.
  • Children from the same family should sit together but if not possible implement a buddy system with whom the child should always sit with.
  • Students should sit in the same seat every day.
  • Increase ventilation on vehicles by opening windows pending weather.
  • After each run, busses are to be cleaned and disinfected/sanitized.

Staff Requirements & Training

  • All staff are required to wear masks.
  • Daily COVID-19 health screening survey to be completed by staff.
  • Staff will undergo daily temperature checks.
  • Staff will observe frequent and scheduled hand washing protocols.
  • Staff will wear gloves (or additional PPE) when assisting children with self-care needs.


    Response & Policies

    • Staff or children showing a fever of 100.4 or higher will be excluded from participating in programs.
    • Staff or children exhibiting addition symptoms, including but not limited to persistent cough and/or shortness of breath will also be excluded from child care.
    • If a child develops symptoms after admittance to the program, they will be separated from their group until pickup by parent/guardian.

    Full, 2020 Safe Reopening Handbook here:

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