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Fairless Hills

The Fairless Hills branch of YMCA of Bucks County was built in 1945 and is currently closed for renovations. Many programs and services will continue at alternate locations throughout Bucks County:

Group Exercise - Visit <YMCA at St. John Church webpage>
Personal Training - Visit <YMCA at St. John Church webpage>
Aquatics programs - Visit <Warminster branch page>
Summer Camp - Visit <Camp in Lower Bucks page>

February 26, 2021
Fairless Hills Groundbreaking
Video below:

fairless hills reno R2
Fairless Hills branch renovations
fairless hills hours

Fairless Hills branch closed effective December 11. However, outdoor group exercise and personal training continue to be offered.

quakertown address

601 S. Oxford Valley Road              
Fairless Hills, PA 19030
Phone: 215.949.3400
Fax: 215.946.9329

online schedules


Reservation link <HERE>

Google Schedules:
<Group Exercise (land)>


The Fairless Hills branch is currently closed.

Outdoor Group Exercise and Personal & Partner Training


Important information about closure and resuming activities on Jan 4 from Trish Feinthel, COO

December 11, 2020

It has been such a pleasure to see our members back at the Fairless Hills branch during our temporary reopening. We are proud that we were able to reopen the branch for fitness center, pool and gymnasium use during the fall and to serve local families through our child care and Student Success Program. 

As we shared when we reopened in September, we were planning to close the branch at the end of the year in preparation for our renovations to begin in January. However, with the unforeseen closure based on the mandate from the state of Pennsylvania, our original plan to close the branch on December 31, 2020 has changed. The branch will now close, with the exception of outdoor and virtual activities, at closing today, December 11, 2020. Program participants will receive a follow-up email regarding their remaining class days shortly. 

The purpose of this letter is to communicate the timing for this transition including details about which programs will continue to serve our members at different locations and which will be temporarily suspended until our reopening, tentatively scheduled for January 2022.

As we move specific programs like child care out of the building, it is our intention to keep outdoor group exercise classes running at our Fairless Hills branch for as long as possible. Virtual classes will also continue. 

Schedule and New Locations

The chart below clearly communicates the last date for each of our currently running programs in the Fairless Hills branch and if/when/where they will resume.

Program or area of service

Last date

Fairless Hills branch

Moving to this location and reopening on this date

Child Care, Toddlers

Dec 11

Jan 4
Morrisville branch

Student Success Program

Dec 11

Jan 4

St. John Church

Swim Lessons

Dec 11

Jan 4
Warminster branch aquatics center

Aquatic Group Exercise

Dec 11

Jan 4
Warminster branch aquatics center

Indoor Group Exercise

Dec 11

Jan 4
St. John Church


Dec 11


Martial Arts

Dec 11

Paused, possibly resuming in February


Dec 11


Indoor Track

Dec 11


Fitness Center

Dec 11


Lap/Open Swim

Dec 11


Swim Team

Dec 11


Welcome Center
Questions via phone

Dec 11

Membership staff available in Newtown branch and via phone at 215-579-6200

Outdoor, In-person group Exercise in-person 

Dec 23

Jan 4
St. John Church

Personal Training, outdoor/virtual
Small Group, outdoor/virtual
Partner Training, outdoor/virtual

Health Coaching, outdoor/virtual

Dec 31

Jan 4
St. John Church and/or Newtown branch

SACC (Pennsbury, Neshaminy)

Not currently running

Jan 4
St. John Church 

Summer Camp

June 2021
Cabrini/Fairless Hills and Holland locations

Paused* = Program and services are on hold due to COVID-19 causing an inability to secure an appropriate rental space

Addresses for these locations: 
St. John the Evangelist Church, 752 Big Oak Road Morrisville, PA 19067
Morrisville branch, 200 N. Pennsylvania Avenue, Morrisville, PA 19067
Warminster branch, 674 York Road, Warminster, PA  18974

Swim Lessons in Warminster
We are thrilled that our new aquatics center in our Warminster branch will open on January 4, 2021 and allow us to continue swim lessons and aquatics group exercise programs for our Fairless Hills members. You are also welcome to take lessons or participate in lap and recreational swim at our Doylestown and Quakertown branches. Registration requirements and safety protocols still apply. 

Programs at St. John the Evangelist Church
We are continuing our in-person, land group exercise, personal training and health coaching programs at nearby St. John Church. We will be moving much of our strength equipment there for member use during these programs including free weights and weight benches and equipment used during classes like steps, hand weights and bands. Due to space limitations, traditional fitness center equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes will not be available. But we encourage members to utilize the fitness centers in our other branches in Doylestown, Newtown, Warminster and Quakertown. 

Virtual Wellness Platform

During this time of transition, our virtual wellness platform continues to provide live and on-demand group exercise and sports and play programs, all with your favorite YMCA of Bucks County instructors. Plus access 1000s of other health and wellness programs  Haven’t opted in yet? Visit our website <HERE> for information.

Membership Reciprocity

A YMCA of Bucks County membership enables you to utilize all of our Bucks County branches on an unlimited basis, provided you utilize your home branch a larger majority of the time. This policy will be waived for Fairless Hills members during our closure and we invite you to visit our branches in Doylestown, Newtown, Quakertown and Fairless Hills.  

Y Beyond Walls and Champion Members:

As a valued YMCA of Bucks County member, we hope you will continue as a Champion Member and become an enduring part of the Fairless Hills branch renovation. Information about the unique benefits of being a Champion Member or  Y Beyond Walls membership can be found <HERE>.

Important Timing regarding membership draft:

As we transition to the St. John space, effective Jan 4, please know that effective January 1, 2021, you will be drafted for membership based on your current membership type. Please contact Ali DeRosa at aderosa@ymcabucks.org or our Call Center, if you are considering a change to your membership type. Kindly do this prior to the January 1, 2021 draft. 

Reopening in January 2022

We anticipate reopening our renovated Fairless Hills branch in January 2022. We hope you are as excited as we are to watch our current building change to provide us with new, wide-open spaces to better serve our members and the community. 

We are very excited to begin renovating our branch in January 2021 and look forward to welcoming you back to a beautiful and more spacious facility in January 2022. We are grateful for the generosity of our donors and community that have made this project possible and encourage your support to our campaign if you are able.  

We know your participation in programs will look different over the next 12 months and we will miss seeing and serving you in our building, but it will all be worth it! We remain here for you.

A detailed Frequently Asked Questions section can be found below and feel free to reach out to our Branch Executive Nicole Bandura at nbandura@ymcabucks.org and/or 267-768-4175. 

Bucks County Strong,
Trish Feinthel
Chief Operations Officer


Will you still offer in-person group exercise classes? 

Yes, we will be offering group exercise classes outdoors at the branch and on January 4, we will offer indoor group exercise at St. John Church. We continue to offer live and on-demand classes on our virtual wellness platform. 

Will I have access to the fitness center? 

The Fairless Hills branch will close completely, effective today, December 11. Members are encouraged to use the fitness center and weight room at any of our other Bucks County locations which include nearby Newtown (190 S. Sycamore Street) and Warminster (624 York Road), Doylestown (2500 Lower State Road) and Quakertown (401 Fairview Avenue).

Where can we swim? 

The Fairless Hills pool will close with the branch, effective today, December 11. Members are encouraged to swim and attend aquatics group exercise classes at our other Bucks County locations including our new aquatics center in Warminster (624 York Road) and at our Doylestown (2500 Lower State Road) and Quakertown (401 Fairview Avenue) branches. The reservation system is in place at all of our branches.

Will SACC bussing still be provided to the new location? 

Once SACC is reinstated by the school districts we serve, bussing, transportation will continue to and from St. John’s Church as well as Morrisville. Transportation is included in the program fee.  

Who can I call if I have questions about my membership? 

During this time of closure, our Welcome Center staff will be relocated to several different locations. If you have questions, please call our Newtown branch where Ali DeRosa, our Fairless Hills Director of Membership Engagement will be located. You can also email Ali anytime at aderosa@ymcabucks.org

Can I continue training with my personal trainer? 

Yes, of course. Our personal training programs will continue at St. John Church and smaller equipment needed will be available there. Please contact Andrea Brown at agbrown@ymcabucks.org with questions. 

Where are we able to play pickleball and basketball?

Pickleball and basketball are on hold due to an inability to secure an appropriate rental space due to COVID-19. 

Where will the swim team continue to train? 

Our intention is to continue our swim team programming but are still working on location solutions. This remains a top priority. Please stay tuned!

Where will martial arts programs continue? 

Martial arts programs will pause on December 11 for the Fairless Hills closure. We are working toward continuing these programs at St. John Church in January.

Where can I utilize fitness center equipment? 

State-of-the-art fitness centers and equipment are available at our branches in Doylestown, Newtown, Quakertown and Warminster. Registration is not required for fitness center use but safety protocols (wearing mask 100% of the time) are currently required. Full details <HERE>

What does the renovation involve?

This renovation will be a total overhaul of the current facility with an entirely new look and feel. Renovations call for re-configuring the space within the building to gain additional usable square footage, while at the same time decreasing our building footprint to create additional and much needed parking. Recapturing unused space will enable us to provide an expanded fitness center, universal locker room, and additional program space. An observation area added to the pool. The entire interior and exterior of the branch will undergo a face lift in the renovation to include sleek, modern features. The building will be completely ADA accessible.

How can I stay informed about the renovations as plans progress?

Once renovations get underway in January, and all along the way, we will post information to our website. We will also alert members via our member eblast and via social media.

Will there be a change in my membership?

Yes, we value your membership and are providing two options designed for you to continue your membership and remain a part of the Y family. 

As a valued YMCA of Bucks County member, we hope you will continue as a Champion Member and become an enduring part of the Fairless Hills branch renovation. 

Champion Member

“Be a Champion” and continue your membership at the current rate. By choosing this option, a portion of your membership fee will be a charitable donation benefiting our building renovation. Your investment in our project will be celebrated in a variety of ways. You will:

Receive special recognition as a CHAMPION by adding your family or business name to a beautiful community tile mosaic on our donor recognition wall thanking all community members that made the Fairless Hills renovation possible.

  • Receive all the benefits as a “Y Beyond Walls” member and enjoy our virtual and community-based programs during this time frame
  • Be part of a special group of “Champion” members who will receive an “insider view” of the project by receiving notifications and updates, VIP invitations to events and tours of construction 
  • Receive unlimited guest privileges to bring your friends and extended family when we open the new facility so that you can share the excitement 

Help us make decisions related to finishing and equipment as we will seek your input

“Y Beyond Walls” Member

As a Y member, you’ll receive all the benefits of membership continuing during the closure. This includes access to all of our branches throughout Bucks County including Doylestown, Newtown, Quakertown and Warminster. Our virtual group exercise classes will continue and allow you to workout with your favorite instructors from wherever you want! This includes access to our virtual wellness platform, launching over 60 live classes per week and 1000's of classes on demand; as well as live group exercise classes and personal training opportunities located out of our new, host site: St. John the Evangelist Church. This option allows you to continue your membership at a new, lower price: Individual = $21, Plus (two or more individuals) = $26

What if I want to freeze my membership and monthly draft until you reopen the branch?

We hope you will consider staying with us; we will be offering an incredible virtual platform, as well as multiple locations to serve your health and well-being needs. If you choose to freeze, please contact Ali DeRosa at aderosa@ymcabucks.org.

Please understand that while on freeze, you will not receive member rates on programs including camp and will not have access to online services, like our new upcoming virtual and online group exercise programs.  

What is the “For A Better Us” Campaign?

The “For A Better Us” Campaign represents a significant fundraising effort to raise the needed dollars in our community to fund not only this renovation project but also our financial assistance and community benefit programs. We are committed to ensuring the needed resources are in place to enable the Y to provide the very best in programs and facilities for all. For more information on giving, please contact the Development Office by emailing dsontupe@ymcabucks.org. All of our members will be invited to participate in the campaign in several exciting ways during the upcoming year.

How can I support the facility project and campaign today?

It is due to the generosity of our members and community that we have had successful fundraising to date and are in a position to advance this project. We are relying on continued fundraising to complete this exciting expansion in the new accelerated timetable. You can support our campaign in a few ways: 1) We hope you will “Be a Champion” and continue your membership. A portion of your membership fee will go toward the building renovation, 2) You can volunteer by joining a committee that is helping us fundraise for the renovation, and 3) You can also make an outright donation or pledge to the project. Visit the website at ymcabucks.org/donate for information on how to give or contact Angela Jacobsen, Regional Director of Development, at ajacobsen@ymcabucks.org.

branch leadership


Fairless Hills 

Nicole Bandura
Branch Executive - Lower Bucks Region
Regional Director of Risk Management



Branch & Association-wide