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This program has been temporarily suspended but will return! Please stay tuned to our website for relaunching information.

Adventure Guides

Doylestown branch
With over 75 years of developing the parent-child relationship, the Y's Adventure Guides programs are the perfect opportunity to strengthen father-son and father-daughter relationships through activities that are challenging and fun!  Adventure Guides are dedicated to creating lasting bonds between Fathers and Daughters and Fathers and Sons.  Events are planned throughout the school year from September to June. The most popular events are the 4 camping trips during the year (one for each season).  In addition, there are multiple events for fathers and sons/daughters which typically including a hayride, play, holiday party, sleepover at a museum, banquet, bowling, pinewood derby, sports night, baseball game, fishing derby, and Memorial Day parade.  The slogan for the Adventure Guides program is "Friends Forever."  Both fathers and daughters/sons have fun in the program and lasting bonds are formed.

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In Adventure Guides, parents and children develop healthy relationships, gain a sense of belonging, and learn the importance of giving back to the community through one-on-one interactions, activities with other families, and community service projects. At the heart of the program are the Compass Points, which give members a sense of direction and an inspiration for activities:

NORTH. Family is True North – the focal point of the program
EAST. Nature and the camping experience are an integral part of the program
SOUTH. Community-The spirit of the program is experienced through belonging to a small Community called a circle
WEST. Fun is the magic of the program. 

The YMCA core values make up the ordinal directions on the compass HONESTY (NE) ; RESPECT (SE); RESPONSIBILITY (SW); and CARING (NW).

Adventure Guides: Delaware Federation Leadership

Tim Henne,  Chief Navigatorfacebook group
John Yakubic, Compass Bearer

Circle Navigators:
Bob Harrell, Apache 
Chris Daugherty, Arapaho 
Bob Foley, Comanche
Tim Henne,Pioneers
Richard Wzorek, Pioneers

Boy Guides Calendar of events HERE

Adventure Guides:  DoDaWaNe Federation Leadership

facebook groupJason Shackelford, Chief Navigator
John Ryan, Compass Bearer
Tom Kaplan, Treasurer

Dodawane Federation Circle Navigators

Eric Lancaster, Algonquin
Drew Reign, Aztec
Vince Strausser, Lakota
Chris Huber, Lenape
Mike Camburn, Lomasi
Eden Harvest, Running Rivers
Tom Kaplan, Scattered Winds
James VanVolkenburgh, Tehyawutti

Girl Guides Calendar of events HERE


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Adventure Guides Special Events
Father/Son Arnold's Family Fun Center
Dates Day(s) Time Member Non-member  
Dad's and Daughters Summer Camp at Canadensis
Dates Day(s) Time Member Non-member  
Dad's and Daughters Sports Night
Dates Day(s) Time Member Non-member  
Summer Camp, Father/Son
Dates Day(s) Time Member Non-member  
Dad's and Daughters Bowling, Laser Tag & Arcade at Bowlero
Dates Day(s) Time Member Non-member  
Adventure Guides: Sleepover at The Philadelphia Zoo
Dates Day(s) Time Member Non-member  
Adventure Guides Registration
Adventure Guides Registration
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